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Dr Yogendra Agrawal



Dr Agrawal provides regular consultations at Mindful Living & Wellbeing Traralgon on Saturdays, and by arrangement can also provide online consultations from the clinic at other times. G.P referral is required.

Appointments can be made by phoning 51 609933 (Mon-Fri 8.00am-5.00pm).


About Dr Agrawal:

Dr Yogendra Agrawal completed his specialist training in India and subsequently obtained a fellowship from the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists in Australia. Dr Agrawal currently works with Monash Health in the youth mental health early psychosis program, and has been in private practice since 2009. 

Prior to this, Dr Agrawal has worked as a consultant psychiatrist in Latrobe Regional Hospital, Latrobe Valley and Sale Community Mental Health Service for more than 11 years.  Dr Agrawal is Adjunct lecturer at Monash Rural School of Medicine and involved in teaching medical students and trainee registrars. He is particularly interested in working with General Practitioners on primary care. His areas of interests are mood and anxiety disorders, borderline personality disorder, perinatal mental health and organic and functional psychotic disorders in late adolescent and adult groups. 


How do I arrange an appointment?

Please contsult your GP to arrange a referral before you book an appointment with Dr Agrawal. Appointments can be made by contacting our booking reception on 51609933 (Mon-Fri) or visit our office at 1-37 Grey St Traralgon (Wed-Sat). We cannot arrange appointments via email, text message or social media messaging. We are unable to confirm any appointments where we do not have a current referral -referrals expire after 12 months. Dr Agrawal generally conducts his regular clinic on Saturdays. On occasion, Dr Agrawal will provide additional week day clinics.

Will Dr Agrawal see me regularly?

Becoming a regular patient of Dr Agrawal will depend in you needs, type of referral and Dr Agrawal’s treatment recommendations. If you are referred for a single consultation (an Item 291 referral) you will be seeing Dr Agrawal for a single assessment appointment with a suggested treatment plan to being sent back to your GP. Ongoing patients will be booked in regularly.

I’ve been referred for an Item 291 appointment – what is this?

Item 291 referrals are a service that assists G.Ps in managing your mental health needs. Medicare allows G.Ps to refer their patients for a “one off” assessment appointment for the purpose of obtaining a diagnostic opinion and a treatment plan with a Psychiatrist. During a single consult appointment Dr Agrawal will gather information from you and will provide a written plan to your G.P for you to conitnue care with your GP.

Due to Medicare rules, you may only access a single Item 291 assessment every 12 months and cannot combine this with regular appointments with Dr Agrawal. After your appointment Dr Agrawal willl provide a written plan to your G.P. As Dr Agrawal will not have an ongoing treatment role, he is unable to provide any prescriptions at such appointments and will decline requests for medications.

What do I do if I need to change or cancel a booked appointment?

Please contact us by phone or by attending our office, as soon as you know you cannot attend your appointment. There is very high demand across Gippsland for access to Psychiatrist services and we can offer your appointment to our waiting patients. We try to make it easier to remember appointments by sending a range of courtesy reminders .

Please note we have a late cancellation/non attendance charge of $100 for any appointment that is not attended or cancelled with less than 48 hours notice (not including weekend and public holiday days). To avoid a cancellation fee you must notify us by phone or in-person of your intention to cancel.

Is there a cost to see Dr Agrawal?

Yes. Dr Agrawal works in a private clinic capacity. There are gap fees associated with Dr Agrawal’s services. Dr Agrawal charges according to the services provided. Initial appointments (new patients or not seen in 12 months) are longer appointments and will attract a higher fee. Medicare rebates can be claimed with a valid referral. Generally the out-of-pocket gap fee ranges from $100 – $160 depending on the Medicare item number.

Is there any Bulk Billing (no cost services)?

Generally no. You should be prepared for fees to be charged for your services on the day, and claim a Medicare rebate which you will recevie within 1-3 business days. Initial appointments and Item 291 assessments attract higher fees as these are longer appointments.

We can give you an idea of the gap fees (generally $100-$160) for your appointment type, when you are booking.

If you will expeirence financial difficulty please discuss this with us. It may be possible to pay the gap fee only and arrange for a doctors cheque to be sent by Medicare.

Is telehealth available and how does it work?

Dr Agrawal occasionally offers Telehealth sessions. We use a secure easy to use video call platform. All patients are welcome to attend our office where we have a private Telehealth Consultation room and we will ensure you can connect to your appointment. We are not able to offer phone appointments to new patients or to single assessment (Item 291) appointments.

What if I need an urgent appointment or can’t wait for my booked appointment?

Dr Agrawal is generally not able to provide any emergency or urgent care. We suggest that you utilise the appropriate urgent and emergency services as needed, and you can access urgent mental health support by visiting your local hospital emergency department if required or consult your GP. We do run a cancellation list for priority appointments where we will notifiy you of any vacancy that becomes available.

I need A Vic Roads assessment for my license. Does Dr Agrawal provide these?

Dr Agrawal provides Vic Roads Assessments on request. A current GP referral is still required for this service and usual consultation fees apply. Dr Agrawal cannot guarantee the outcome from any assessment, he will provide his professional assessment for Vic Roads to consider in their decision making. An additional fee for a car/motorbike report of $110 (inc. GST) is charged; and a fee of $275 (inc. GST) for commercial/truck licenses is charged.